Mechanical Design

Beyond architectural applications, CAD is ideal for mechanical parts, product design and visualization, and producing files for CNC (computer numerical control) and 3D printing.

Marine Design

Marine design is a specialty area for which CAD is particularly well suited. Hulls require hydrostatic analysis and precise control of complex curved surfaces.

proa sketches

6.3 meter (~21') Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB) Yacht Tender

CAD Programming

Rhino3D has a graphical programming tool called "Grasshopper" that generates and manipulates 3D parametric models. This makes it very easy to explore many variations on a design by simply moving "sliders" to change parameters instead of drawing separate CAD models.

In addition, Grasshopper has a general purpose "solver" called Galapagos that randomly (intelligently) modifies a bunch of slider values until an optimal condition is reached. Referred to by its inventor as "Evolutionary Computing", it helps to have a programming background to get the most out of Grasshopper and Galapagos.

arc with holes, created and rendered in Rhino CAD

Dutch gable hip collar-tie bracket from oster on Sketchfab.

Hanalei picnic table from oster on Sketchfab.